Are you looking to change your roof covering?

Choosing it correctly is essential for the strength of your roof. With roofing coatings at different price and quality ranges, the choice is very wide! You can invest in the classic with a clay tile or slate roof, or be more original and opt for a green roof.

Ultimately your choice of roofing boils down to your budget, your taste as well as the availability of material.

In this article, we will discuss 7 roofing materials that you need to know about.

  1. Tiled roofs

Tiled roofs are the most widespread in Europe. Their advantages are numerous: they show strength, durability, and aesthetics. You will surely be able to limit the damage a storm can cause your roof with this kind of roofing material.

Some tiles are flat, others are in the shape of a semicircle, interlocking or without interlocking.

  1. Slate roofs

Slate is a buoyant material that resists time and elements (Water, fire, and air). It is considered that its lifespan is greater than 100 years. Of a beautiful aesthetic, the slate is resistant to rain but it can rust. Its colors are usually black and bluish-black.

  1. Metal roofs

Metal roofs consist of copper, zinc, lead or aluminum. It is a popular material because it is very resistant and waterproof.

Its maintenance is easy, it is light and has a lengthy lifespan. The intervention of professionals is more than recommended if you opt for this type of roof.

Your roofing contractor will, of course, advise you, but pay attention to the sound insulation, because in case of heavy rain, the noise is usually intense.

  1. Roof terrace

The roof terrace is composed of a single slope. If it is accessible (and without danger thanks to a railing or wall), it is possible to create a relaxation area, to install garden furniture, chairs, and decorate with plants.

Its soil can be composed of gravel, a screed with tiled for example, or plants (thin with a vegetable bed or a layer of soil of less than 30 cm, allowing the sowing of a lawn).

  1. Shingle roof

The shingle is a flexible material made of fiberglass, covered with bitumen. Both sides of the fiberglass surface area covered, and a material of black or colored granules are used as the finishing touch.

The shingle looks like a slate and it is cheaper than other types of roofing material. It is fire resistant as well.

Its disadvantage is in its longevity because the roof must be redone at the latest every 25 years. For Shingle Roof installation in Brooklyn, you may contact us.

  1. Green roofs

This cover consists of concrete roof plantations with waterproofing and drainage system. It is an ecological and aesthetic way to regulate and re-exploit rainwater.

Its insulation capabilities (thermal and phonic) are very good. Its maintenance is minimal and the installation cost is low.

Green roofs are usually made up of plants, a growth substrate, a filter cloth for the roots, a specialized drainage layer and an impermeable membrane as cover.

  1. Wooden roofs

Wooden roofs are a durable, ecological, lightweight option for roofing your home. Wood has insulating properties that allow your home to be cool most of the time.

Wooden roofs cost the same price as a roof tile or slate of good quality. You also do not need to own a wooden house or cabin before you can use a wooden roof as wooden roofs can be used on traditional constructions like concrete.

You have many choices to choose from. To make the right decision regarding the best roofing material to choose from you need to talk to professionals. This way you don’t invest money on a roofing material that is not a good fit for your home and you also do not have to worry about proper installation of the roofing materials.

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