Do you need to transform your home to a new look? Nothing can be useful more than a touch of paint. Everybody needs a space for own, no matter how small or large. All want their very own place will be perfect as their expectation. A classic color décor can make your house felicity.

 Are you thinking to re-color your home with a new color? Are your searching for a residential painter? MBH can be your trusted house painter in Brooklyn. For many years, we are serving in Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey as the top commercial painting company.

 We are passionate about painting and professional. Our experienced, and a licensed team containing local painters can complete your new color décor within the estimated time. We have updated us with current technology and trends with time. Therefore, we provide cheap painters for different services like-

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  • Residential Painting

  • Commercial Space

  • Official Building

  • Condo House

  • Industrial Structures

We have been in the home improvement industry for more than ten years. We know every in and out of a house. Our top quality service satisfies our customers which makes them confident.

Our huge clients’ list, testimony, and license prove our quality, competence, and dependability. Regardless of the size of your order, MBH commercial painting company treats each customer with equal importance. We will appoint one of our top Brooklyn Painting Contractors, who will deal with the project from start to end.


You can show your home to a realtor or need a different look, whatever you want, our expert Brooklyn Apartment Painters will complete your task professionally with minimal disturbance in your regular schedule.

MBH has a complete menu for painting your house or apartment. Our home painting service include-

  • Interior Painting

  • Exterior Painting

  • Cabinet Painting

  • Board Painting

  • Wallpaper Hanging and Removal

  • Faux Painting

Interior Painting:

If you need to give a new look any time at a cheap rate, nothing can be lower than interior painting. Over ten years as the top interior painters Brooklyn, we revive thousands of homes with our paints.

MBH Commercial painting company always provides high-quality craftsmanship because our goal is your ultimate satisfaction. Therefore, we assign a dedicated person to each specific project. No matter the surface, size, room and finish you want, our interior house painter can help you. Our interior painting services are-

  • Living room

  • Drawing room

  • Celling

  • Basement

  • Home interior

  • Kitchen

  • Dining

  • Door

  • Hall

  • Bedroom

If you need the perfect solution from the best interior painting company of NYC, call on +1 (347) 951-8756.

Exterior Painting:

Without any massive modification and a huge budget, you can give an elegant appearance to your home by exterior painting. However, the final result needs a professional touch of an expert craftsman with correct tools.

MBH always offers the best value pack to a complete transformation of your home. We do our best to satisfy our customers. Along with our interior house painters, we have the best team for exterior painting. Our exterior painting services are-

  • Sliding door

  • Stucco

  • Exterior house

  • Exterior brick

  • Roof

  • Dog house

  • Garage

  • Deck

  • Fence

  • Window

  • Exterior door

  • Pool side

If you need the best commercial painting company from the best home renovation company of NYC, call on +1 (347) 951-8756.

Cabinet Painting:

Tremendous effort and skilled painting of your kitchen and bathroom cabinet can make a perfect match with your style. Experts of MBH can make your aged cabinet a new one by painting or staining.

Gigi painting in your bathroom is like some extra cheese on a burger. Resurfacing the bathroom cabinet is healthy if you want us to do it for you.

If you are in the sanity, contact us on +1 (347) 951-8756, we will show you the best alternatives you can use.

Board Painting:

To improve the usability and space of your home, you can take our help to convert your kitchen or kids’ bedroom into a white or chalkboard. Your child can draw the favorite Miki or anything they like.

Isn’t it amazing!

Your walls become a ground of creating for your kid. Our local painters can make your wall a board within a short time. We suggest washable paints so that you can easily remove the drawings.

Wallpaper Hanging and Removal:

The easiest task to change the home décor by installing wallpaper that suits your nature. If you choose any wallpaper for your house, our experts can easily replace the multipart design that suits you.

We know how tough to remove the wallpaper from the wall. An unskilled person can destroy your haven while removing the wallpaper. MBH has a long history to remove the wallpaper from hundreds of house in Brooklyn. You can ask a quote from us by sending a query.

Faux Painting:

This method is an excellent way to reshape your home decor by giving an elegant touch. You can change the interior of your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Faux painting is a specialized technique and needs extensive training and skill.

Therefore, we select our team of our faux painters by a thorough screening of skill and training. The painting needs a high cost. So we always supervise the work with great care. However, we offer the best competitive rate for you. You can ask a free coat from us.

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Customer Service

Encourage to take a FREE consultation to understand the features that suit our clients

Customer Service

Encourage to take a FREE consultation to understand the features that suit our clients


MBH selects the team professionally to ensure best quality service to the clients


MBH selects the team professionally to ensure best quality service to the clients

Best Policy

MBH often ask rather than assume. Our clients get an assurance about our work.

Best Policy

MBH often ask rather than assume. Our clients get an assurance about our work.

  • 100% Customer Oriented Organization

  • Transparent in Dealing

  • Single Quality Material

  • License and insured

  • Skilled, and Trained Craftsman under regular Supervision

  • Do right at the first time

  • Complete the task without causing any discomfort

  • Over a decade of success history

Besides the best house painting contractors, MBH is the top service provider for roofing, water restoration, and other home improvements services. We offer the cheapest service in Brooklyn for home improvement.

MBH is one call away from you. To contact today just dial +1 (347) 951-8756 or ask a Quote. We are gladly waiting to receive you.