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The importance of your gutter comes into view during the rainy season. MBH Roofing and Waterproofing understands that rain gutters are an essential factor in keeping you home shielded from water damage. It is a known fact that gutter systems can last you a lifetime. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is one of the most overlooked components of your home’s outer surface. As long lasting as they may be, they do need the occasional maintenance, so putting off gutter replacement and signing it off as unnecessary until it is too late, might be a bad idea.

Most gutter problems come forth after a major hailstorm, windstorm or similar natural disasters. In such situations, your rain gutters are your first line of defense. These are the soldiers that properly guide the rain water in and around your property and drain them safely away, thereby ensuring the water does not seep into your home and cause damage or inconvenience. When gutters are ineffective, you can expect water-logging and damage, fungus infiltration and thereby damage to your property. Following are some more effects of an ineffective rain gutter:

Further Damage to your Gutter

The fascia boards that give support to your gutter system are mostly made from wood. When gutters get clogged and filled with water, these boards begin deteriorating and rotting. Moreover, if the sidings of your home are made from wood, this can cause water to overflow out of the gutter system down the sides of your home, leading to further damage..

Damage to your Roof

When gutters are not properly installed, are damaged, clogged, or not functioning right, it can lead to water buildup on the roof. A clogged eavestrough can no longer serve their basic purpose. In such cases, there is a string possibility that water will leak through the fascia board into your roof. This will cause parts of your roof to rot and cause substantial damage. Based on the construction of your roof, faulty gutters can cause water buildup on the roof or seepage into cracks that may soften and weaken roofing material, leading to more leaks and serious water damage

Damage to your Property

Rain gutters that fail to properly guide rainwater to an appropriate destination will result in water falling and standing on your property. This not only makes the whole area around the house look swampy, it is also harmful to the longevity of your property and home.

Damage to your Foundation

A faulty or perforated gutter can lead to water standing around your property. Clogging of the water’s path can cause water to pour over the sides of the gutter and pool around the foundation. This water may infiltrate your foundation and cause some serious damage. Over time, the water can cause cracks in your foundation, possibly resulting in a collapse. So this is a problem that should not be taken lightly. Even if that doesn’t happen, the accumulated water can attract mosquitoes and germs and cause growth of mold.

Damage to your Soil

Accumulation of too much water may cause erosion of the soil on your property. It is true that water is essential for healthy soil, but too much of it will result in soil erosion. When water spills over the side of faulty gutters, it often lands on flower beds, trees or shrubs around your home, causing them serious damage. When this gets too serious, it often requires complete excavation to tackle the issue. Simply fixing a faulty gutter would then be much easier to avert the problem. Therefore, it is wiser to get gutters repaired while there are fewer leaks, and cleaned before they get clogged with debris, in order to avoid unexpected complications.

Common Gutter Problems

Here are a few major ways that gutters can fail, causes for damage and how MBH Roofing and Waterproofing can come to your rescue:


Sagging of a gutter occurs when you notice it pulling away from the house or leaning down. This usually happens as a result of a broken hanger or spike, excess weight from debris or expansion of ice during winter. In case of sagging, our contractors at MBH will inspect the problem area and replace any broken hardware if needed. If there is a permanent distortion, MBH can replace that section of the gutter for you. Depending on the extent of the damage, MBH Roofing and Waterproofing will be able to give you a detailed fault analysis and will not unduly ask you to get it replaced if not needed. Therefore, it is wiser to get gutters repaired while there are fewer leaks, and cleaned before they get clogged with debris, in order to avoid unexpected complications.


Blockage of your gutter can be caused due to debris and build-up from leaves or items like a badminton cork or a tennis ball. Our contractors at MBH can perform a full inspection and provide unclogging and gutter cleaning services if needed.Therefore, it is wiser to get gutters repaired while there are fewer leaks, and cleaned before they get clogged with debris, in order to avoid unexpected complications.


If you find that your gutters are not blocked but you still find water escaping, it probably has a leak. A leak may also open up at the joints between sections of gutter sometimes. MBH Roofing and Waterproofing can reseal these joints to prevent further leakage. Other times a leak may develop due to a crack in the gutter due to corrosion or other damage. MBH Roofing and Waterproofing can patch these leaks if the problem is small, but if the fault is too weak, then MBH can help carry out a complete replacement of the damaged gutter section too.

Poor Pitch

Gutters are generally constructed with an imperceptible slope towards the downspout, about 1/8 or 1/16 inch per foot, so that water keeps flowing downwards. If you find water pooling in your gutters even when there is no blockage, your gutters are probably not pitched right. This could be the result of a poorly done gutter installation or house settling. A poor pitch may be hard to identify but MBH Roofing Waterproofing has knowledgeable, skilled and experienced contractors who can detect the root cause of the problem and get it fixed, so you don’t have to face this kind of a problem again.

Rain gutters are crucial to protecting your home from water damage. That is why MBH Roofing and Waterproofing offers you affordable and efficient gutter repair and replacement services in the least possible time. Our contractors will help you find the best gutter replacement material form the best brands, according to the needs of your system. We install the most innovative customized gutter so you can avoid common gutter problems in the future.

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